The economic changes of the past decade have generated a corresponding need for safe, efficient and productive business air travel. Acting on this need, our clients, leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investment bankers, financial and research institutions and technology based private and public companies, have acquired ownership interests in a variety of corporate and executive aircraft to be used in their business operations. These aircraft improve our client’s productivity through:

  • Efficient, reliable and flexible employee and executive scheduling
  • Minimizing non-business hours away from the office
  • Increasing productivity en route
  • Attracting and retaining key executives and customers
  • Eliminating barriers to travel
  • Maximizing personal safety and industrial security
  • Projecting a positive corporate image
  • Optimizing headcount
  • Charging the entrepreneurial spirit

The Silicon Valley/San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles and San Diego each rank in the top ten for general aviation operations.  Aero Law Group clients in these communities have acquired aircraft to use in their business activities. Aero Law Group has assisted these clients with regard to legal issues in the following areas:

  • Acquisition of the aircraft from the manufacturer, owner or dealer
  • Fractional ownership
  • Aircraft financing (manufacturer and institutional) including operating and finance leases
  • State sales and use tax
  • 1031 like-kind exchanges
  • Ownership and registration, including Subchapter S Corporations and LLCs
  • Foreign ownership of U.S. registered aircraft
  • Operations under Parts 91 and 135 of the Federal Aviation
  • Regulations
  • Time Sharing, Interchange and Joint Ownership structures
  • Flight crew hiring and management
  • Aviation insurance
  • Non-business use of the corporate aircraft

The independent regulatory entities governing the acquisition, registration, taxation and operation of business aircraft require our clients to deal with numerous legal and tax inconsistencies in their aircraft ownership and operations. This requires experienced attorneys concentrating on business aviation issues. Where appropriate, Aero Law Group enlists the support of aviation specialists, including accountants specializing in aviation, to assist in the day to day issues surrounding the management and operations of the aircraft. Aero Law Group is also a member of and is active in the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).