Cheryl Kringle standing next to a horse statueWhen Aero Law Group attorney Cheryl Kringle is not advising the firm on internal legal and business affairs, she is busy serving on the Board of Trustees for Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center, “a community where horses transform the bodies, minds, and spirits of people with disabilities.”

Cheryl became involved with the organization after gaining first-hand experience with therapeutic-riding, having learned to ride during recovery from a traumatic car accident.  Her equine therapy turned into a passion, and she now competes in Three-Day Eventing with her horse, Miss Tiki.   Wanting others to have same opportunity to heal as she did, Cheryl volunteered with Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center, and finally became a member of the Board of Trustees in 2020.

As with any non-profit, Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center relies on fundraising to provide services for those in need. As part of her involvement with the organization, Cheryl is looking forward to the 37th Annual Reins of Life Auction that is seeking to raise funds that will have an impact on the amount participant families pay for the organization’s programs.  Currently Little Bit program participants pay 18 to 28 percent of the actual cost or services. Donations in any form and at any level, allows Little Bit to keep program fees as low as possible while serving as many people with disabilities as possible. This year’s event will be held in-person on Saturday, April 23rd and The Seattle Marriott Bellevue.  For additional information about the upcoming auction, or if someone you know is interested in learning more about the therapies offered at Little Bit, please visit or call (425) 882-1554.