Aero Law Group PC’s mission is to provide the highest quality transactional legal services to airlines and aircraft owners and operators – worldwide.

Aero Law Group PC - the World's Leading Business and Commercial Aviation Law Firm

There’s not another law firm anywhere that has our combined experience with business and commercial aircraft transactions. Aero Law Group PC represents over 500 clients on six continents, including established and emerging commercial airlines, Fortune 500 companies and high-net-worth individuals, emerging-growth companies focusing on aviation, and some of the nation’s largest investment banks and most prominent investment bankers in domestic and international transactions involving the sale, lease, exchange and financing of commercial and business aircraft.

Call Aero Law Group before you make or accept an offer for the purchase, sale, or lease of a commercial or business aircraft.

If you are contemplating purchasing, selling, or leasing a commercial aircraft, business aircraft or private jet, you want to do it right and get your money’s worth. Planning ahead for a purchase can prevent costly and unpleasant surprises down the road. Advance planning can provide you with certainty that you will be able to use your aircraft to maximum benefit, and at the same time comply with proper ownership and operational requirements. You should also plan ahead for a sale to ensure a smooth selling process and avoid being jilted by your buyer.

Call Aero Law Group for essential advice on the many kinds of taxes and regulations that apply to business or private aircraft.

Are you complying with the laws on sales and use taxes, as well as property taxes, which vary from state to state? If you’re planning to deduct your business aircraft expenses, do you understand the rules well before you start preparing your tax return. Do you know the latest rules on federal excise tax on aircraft? Did you structure your ownership correctly according to FAA rules? Or did you make the same mistakes as many others – such as conducting illegal operations or subjecting your aircraft to unnecessary taxes and hefty fines? The landscape is constantly changing in all these areas.

We’re not just attorneys; we’ve been on the inside of aviation industry.

There’s no other aviation law firm that comes close to our experience in terms of the numbers of aircraft delivered – from both sides of the table. We have extensive experience negotiating with all the major manufacturers, and we are very experienced setting up structures to comply with FAA rules.