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Privacy in Aircraft Ownership

Many aircraft owners are surprised to learn that their aircraft and associated ownership information is available to the general public, simply for the asking.  They are often even more surprised to learn that this information is mined, published and sold through subscription services.  In addition, every aircraft now operating in ADS-B Airspace must continually broadcast [...]

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Before You Buy

The attorneys at Aero Law Group have handled a wide variety of aircraft transactions and have dealt with just about every issue that can occur in the process of acquiring and owning an aircraft.  We understand that an aircraft can be an invaluable business tool, but buyers must make careful plans prior to signing a [...]

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Arrests for Driving Under the Influence can have Serious Consequences for Pilots

Pilots that are arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) need to be extra cautious following the arrest on their next FAA medical certificate application. Unlike many employment applications, the FAA asks pilots whether they have been arrested for driving under the influence. Even if a pilot is later found not [...]

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Aircraft Delivered in 2023 May Qualify for 100% Bonus Depreciation

Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Congress introduced 100% bonus depreciation for pre-owned aircraft purchased for use in a “trade or business.” (Previously, bonus depreciation was available only for aircraft delivered new from the manufacturer.) The bonus depreciation percentage phases out over several years, decreasing in yearly 20-percentage-point chunks (80%-60%-40%, 20%) before [...]

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A Potential Trap for Aircraft Owners: FAA Aircraft Renewals

Most aircraft owners are familiar with the FAA’s 2010 rule requiring aircraft to be re-registered with the FAA’s aircraft registry every three years, but few owners are aware of the extreme consequences for failing to re-register the aircraft prior the registration’s expiration date. The current backlog of work at the FAA’s aircraft registry means that [...]

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Connecting With Our Industry

As an Office Administrator at Aero Law Group, Meredith Clifford wears a lot of hats.  First and foremost, she provides legal assistant support to the attorneys along with calendaring meetings; arranging local and international travel; various administrative tasks as well as overseeing the firm’s marketing efforts.  At this time of year her main focus is [...]

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A Note About G500 and G600 Operating Restrictions

In February 2020, a Gulfstream G500 aircraft suffered a hard landing. The approach and landing occurred at night during somewhat windy conditions. Upon investigation, Gulfstream determined that large, rapidly alternating control-stick movements by the pilot flying caused the flight control system (FCS) to enter angle-of-attack (AOA) limiting mode, resulting in the FCS automatically commanding downward [...]

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ALG Welcomes a New Attorney

Last month, Aero Law Group was pleased to welcome Rob Spitzer to our office as an of counsel attorney. Rob comes to the Aero Law Group with nearly ten years of experience working for the FAA as an enforcement attorney, and five years of experience representing airlines, pilots, mechanics, aircraft manufacturers, and other aviation industry [...]

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The 37th Annual Reins of Life Auction

When Aero Law Group attorney Cheryl Kringle is not advising the firm on internal legal and business affairs, she is busy serving on the Board of Trustees for Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center, “a community where horses transform the bodies, minds, and spirits of people with disabilities.” Cheryl became involved with the organization after gaining [...]

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Get to Know Aero Law Group Attorney John Schmidt

John Schmidt is a 35-year veteran in the aviation legal field, and has been a member of the Aero Law Group since 2004. In 2022 John will be celebrating his fourth anniversary as a shareholder.  While his leadership responsibilities keep him busy, he spends most of his time representing clients around the world in their [...]

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