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The World’s Leading Business and Commercial Aviation Law Firm

Aero Law Group PC’s mission is to provide the highest quality transactional legal services to airlines and aircraft owners and operators – worldwide. There's not another law firm anywhere that has our combined experience with business and commercial aircraft transactions. Aero Law Group PC represents over 500 clients on six continents, including established and emerging commercial [...]

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Independent Contractor Pilots: Should You Jump On The Bandwagon?

Many aircraft operators hire their pilots as “independent contractors” instead of as employees. This may save on administrative costs, but is there a downside? In short: yes. Most pilots are not properly classified as independent contractors. Although treating pilots as independent contractors is common practice in the aviation industry, recent revenue shortages have triggered government [...]

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Kyrgyzstan Ambassador Visits Aero Law Group

Aero Law Group welcomed a unique visitor to Bellevue, Wash., in late May – the Kyrgyz Republic’s ambassador to the U.S. and Canada, Mr. Muktar Djumaliev. Mr. Djumaliev’s visit comes as the Kyrgyz Republic has announced plans to rapidly develop its civil aviation industry and expand into global markets. According to its Civil Aviation Industry, [...]

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Warning: Use Caution With 50% Bonus Depreciation on Aircraft

Many aircraft manufacturers and brokers are now urging potential customers to sign contracts for or take delivery of newly manufactured aircraft before December 31, 2012, in order to take advantage of additional first-year tax depreciation—popularly known as “50% bonus depreciation.”  However, before jumping in and signing a letter of intent or purchase agreement, potential aircraft [...]

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IRS Releases Final Regulations on Aircraft Used for Personal Entertainment

On August 1, 2012, the Internal Revenue Service published final regulations on disallowance of deductions for personal entertainment use of business aircraft by so-called “specified individuals.”  Click here to download a copy of the final regulations as published in the Federal Register.  The final regulations are effective for tax years beginning after August 2, 2012.  [...]

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Hawker Beechcraft Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

On May 3, 2012, major business aircraft manufacturer Hawker Beechcraft Corporation and its parent and affiliated companies (HBC) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.  HBC and its affiliated companies have requested the cases be consolidated under Hawker Beechcraft, Inc. Case No. 12-11873 [...]

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Aero Law Group Announces Paul Lambert as New Attorney

Bellevue, Wash. – Aero Law Group PLLC, an aviation transactions law firm focusing on representing commercial airlines, corporations and individuals in the purchase and sale of aircraft, as well as aircraft ownership and operational structuring, tax planning and SEC disclosure issues, announces the appointment of Paul Lambert as the newest attorney to join the team.  [...]

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Aero Law Group Introduces New Logo and Website

October 6, 2010 — Aero Law Group PLLC has launched a new logo and website. The logo, which has gone through a soft launch over the past year, is the third incarnation and improves upon the previous while keeping the same colors, concept and theme. The website has also been upgraded to increase usability. A [...]

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Aero Law Group Memos & Documents

These are memos and various other resources composed internally by Aero Law Group PLLC. FAA Re-Registration Rule [7.20.2010] EU Mandates Carbon Credits for Flights to Europe [9.1.2009] FAA Part 135 Info [4.3.2007] Cape Town Registry [3.1.2006] Fractional Changes [1.15.2005]

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